The number of adults living with dementia worldwide is on course to nearly triple to 153 million by 2050.

Against this backdrop, the Co-Care project brings together informal carers of people with Alzheimer’s, universities, information and communication technology (ICT) professionals and the health and social care sector, to improve teaching and learning approaches and foster entrepreneurship in these sectors.

The aim is that with these new skills, all actors can work together to design technological solutions to facilitate the daily life of informal caregivers of people with Alzheimer’s. This will improve the quality of the care they provide, give them a chance to network and help them to stay healthy.

Co-Care is developing:

  • Online training resources for health, ICT and social studies students to stimulate entrepreneurship in products better suited to the needs of consumers.
  • A toolkit for informal carers to equip them with the knowledge to feel confident choosing ICT-based solutions and how to better use them.
  • An online community of practice where stakeholders can find support and interact with each other.

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